What is the difference between human beings and animals according to you?

  • We kill each other we rape each other we fight. What makes us different than animals?

  • Not everyone of us have killed or raped others, most of us have respect and affections for our family, friends and the closed ones. But, if someone kills or rapes or disrespects the other human beings, he has no right to be called as a human, he is an animal in fact, the worst animal on Earth.

  • there is none, we kill,hint and reproduce. The only possible difference is our sense of morality and deciding right from wrong, which we still constantly show we cant' correctly do anyway

  • Unlike animals, we do have constructs like morals that holds us back from doing it and law which punishes us for doing it.

    Unlike animals, we are intelligent enough to push the scale on both sides. We are able to annihilate millions of our own species with just a single weapon. On the other hand, we are able to save millions of species including our own through the advancement in medicine and biology.

    In my opinion, it is what you do with your life that matters. If you have decided to pursue your goals through the path of evil, you are akin to an animal i.e. you do not have any morals.

  • Human beings are selfish and does things against nature

  • @bushmurry said in What is the difference between human beings and animals according to you?:

    A sense of superiority

    I'm sure that monkeys feel superior to frogs. Sometimes monkeys kill frogs by using them as sex toys. No joke

  • Humans are social beings that long for companionship, and contain deep complex thought and emotion.

  • Gamers

    A sense of superiority

  • Well we question our existence and are confused a lot.

    Seneca put it well when he said:
    “It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.”

  • 1st technically we are animals 2nd i think you're talking about differences between us and other animals.

    So yeah other than the differences in morphology. We are the same as animals, we are noble savages

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