Does anyone know how a Blockchain based smartphone works?

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    I cannot find a clear answer anywhere so any help is appreciated.

  • @lucifer_ Hmm, no doubt it will face with many problems at it's very first and "Beta" stages while reviewing and using in real world, also as I can see the date of that link is like for 2 weeks ago, not sure if phone exists out there rn or. but beyond all these, sth interesting about this phone, which got all my attention, is that it uses a totally dedicated and newly implemented protocol only for these type of devices and it's future pc version to take the deal and handle all transactions, instead of using those cross world public dedicated block chain stations. it sounds impressive and cool. and about ur question on how it works, first of all u should have enough infos about block chain and the simple way of bitcoin transactions, then u will encounter with the same situation and platform in it's special device, which only is equipped with more "on-paper" securities and an specific protocol, no big difference at all. if u wanna learn it all, u need to have the device.

  • @lucifer_ That project is interesting. It seems to be like a "wallet" that can store your cryptocurrency from what im reading. Apart from that the specs arent too bad but i still wouldnt spending so much cash for such a phone just for the sole purpose of cryptocurrency mining. Plus it is good to wait and see what might come next that might be even better before we jump on the wagon.

  • Movie Buff

    @bunyonb apparently you can use it only for their own cryptocurrency that's a bummer but still definitely start of something interesting.

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