strange behaviour

  • a guy friend of got betrothed recently,when talking about his fiance he laughs just too much more than the usual...almost as though he is faking the laugh...why do u think that is?.

  • @lasttrain94 yea that might be the case....haha evil dude with evil plans hahaha

  • Music Lovers

    It could be that he is really nervous about the whole thing or is having second thoughts and the laughter is a shield to kinda hide his true feelings and make it look like he is chill about the wedding when he is screaming on the inside. Or he is a evil dude who just cant hold back his evil plan so he has to laugh like the evil characters in movies..... the first thought seems more likely to me.

  • Gamers

    I laugh nervously pretty much every time I feel an emotion... the annoying bit is that laughing is usually the worst thing to do during emotional times!

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