Why human being were created when we all are going to die?

  • Point to ponder. What's ur opinion, why are we here?

  • Music Lovers

    Good question Emily it's circle .. it's very damn deep why things going on again an again caz ther r four era's in every kalp period an 1 kalp period means god BRAHMA'S one day..1 god brahma alive for 3.5 crore years... after his death whole universe destroyed by main god and ther is damn silence ther only zero for some crore year an then main god creates new universe again an it's start again for 3.5 crore years period but no one Knows why these things created wat th reason..if u want reason u hav to do YOG SADHANA worshiping of god..!

  • Gamers

    Because my Mum and Dad got randy that one time 😆.... Who knows? Does it matter?

  • For no reason at all it's a big joke let's all enjoy being worthless yaaaay

  • I think to show our value Emily

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