Would you rather have a well paying job that takes up all your time, or always be struggling for work but have plenty of time?

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    When I was overseas I went from job to job and had lots of time and loved it, but you can't do much with no money. At the other end of the spectrum working 6-7 days a week isn't much fun either! What do you all think?

  • I m oversees but I m working 9to 5 5 days a week like a robot. There is no fun much. Not even making enough money. Should I leave?

  • @bushmurry nu what u mean job to job. And of u were working how u had enough time?

    Why were u in oversees

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    Might not necessarily have to leave, see if there's a way to improve your position first! Maybe a promotion or a change of role?

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    @sarah I was overseas because I was studying too much and working too much and needed a break, so went to Scotland for a year and a half. I had five different jobs in that time, but all of them were temporary except the last two. So there was time in between when I was looking for work I had time to do things.

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