Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • tell me what do you think about islam from your point of view as a free thinker not what u hear from the media

  • @chocolatecancer lol. Ok let me explain this to you.

    "Guy 1 - wo, dude did you know that Adults came from children (Humans evolving from apes)

    Guy 2 - dude i can't believe that. Nobody has EVER seen a little girl go to sleep and wake up a woman (scientists have never observed evolution from apes to humans)

    Guy 1 - but we have pictures of her growing up and you can line them up together and you'd see people and we can also calculate by looking at the pictures of the bodies exactly how much time they needed and how much change and material they needed to grow up. (We have skellitins that if lined up show human evolution and we can view their DNA and use science to see exactly how much time and how many transitions which means having offsprings did they needed to have to go from ape to human. Here's a link :

    and also watch these because they're fun




    Guy 2 - fuck you, I'm not going to believe in aging until i see a little girl go to sleep and wake up as an old lady"

    I'm guy 1 and you're guy 2 by the way

    And i call evolution science because NOTHING in biology makes sense if you don't understand evolution. Got it?

    Example: there are a lot of bad designs in the human body and some of them are just outrageously stupid if a person wanted to create a perfect human body.

  • No but 95 % terrorists are Muslims

  • @alwaysstranger I see that is just you being ignorant. If you say i do not believe in evolution then i know nothing about science, that is just stupid. Or do you mean to say evolution is what science is all about? So let me have the honour to enlighten you, it is not.
    Oh and i did not say anything about the existence of god. I believe what i see. I haven't seen the so called god. But that also doesn't mean that what i dont see may not exist at all. We never know.

    As for your points im gonna say the same,

    science is all about observations and experiments right? >has any one yet literally seen that is observed with their naked eyes the apes evolving to homo sapiens?
    and as for the experimentations- they can not afford it now since the apes were long extinct.
    Therefore it over rules the very definition of science. So tell me now how do you call evolution science again?

  • @chocolatecancer i stopped reading your comment after "First what is science?" Because a person who doesn't believe in evolution knows nothing about science and i will not waste my time reading your comment. Even if evolution was true or false that wouldn't disprove/prove the existence of god. So please give me a SMAAAAAALLLLLLL list of things that you think disprove evolution, I'll tell you why that's not the case and if you don't give me a SMALL list then i won't waste my time reading your looooong assss comment

  • @luciferr and no. I'm actually from syria and i guarantee you
    1st 100% that the statistics are correct
    Because I'm pretty sure the answers were all given by people who would be anonymous to the government and the general pubiv if the government and general public wanted to know who said something against its ideology.
    2nd most Muslims ARE ignorant of the horrible things in the quran

  • @alwaysstranger I totally understand your concerns as someone who had questioned the same before.
    You say evolution is a scientific fact then surely you haven't read the criticism. Okay, let me go by definition. First what is science? It is the study of the physical and natural worlds using theoretical models and data from experiments or observations. The keywords- experiments and observations. So tell me has any man or scientist 'observed' an ape turn into a man, like literally observed with his own eyes? Or are there any experiments where they have seen an ape turn into a man, again like literally seen with their naked eyes? I am not talking about taking old bones that were studied and 'deducing' it to be our great ancestors. Those bones may just be an evolved monkey of different stages. Nobody has seen them evolve into homo sapiens. Have they? So it over rules the very definition of science. Science is not deduction. It is observations and experimentations. And we cannot even afford to experiment the given theory now cause the apes are extinct beings. There are no facts. But then again im just a nobody student of science. I talk shit and make shit mistakes. But so does science, it makes mistakes too, its not perfect. A hundred theories were made and disproved, we just stick and study the latest theory until it is rejected and a new theory comes forth over ruling the previous. If you talk and state science, I should remind you that you keep that in mind.
    As for your point of the moon being cut in two, that depends on your faith. And faith comes later, dont point that out if you have not yet believed in the book. It is like saying, Ghandi is a bad person because he smoked and used to shoplift and steal a few pennies, therefore he is a violent person.
    As for the "the world was created in 6 days". So lets me ask you the meaning of 'day'. Day is defined as a 24 hour interval of time for earth to make a complete rotation of the axis. how do you take the '24hours is a day in earth' as meaning of the day when it is talking about the very creation of the same earth. You read between the lines, a day could also mean an era, or any eons.
    And yes the big bang theory is true, only if you have understood it properly or it is your problem.

    And about your points of islam being violent and sexist, i could blame your lack of knowledge. Quran is a book of literature and poetry. I bet you never understood any original books of Shakespeare because if you did you would at least understand a little of how to interpret things at least a little. And If you ever knew Arabic then only you should quote the words. Let me explain, arabic sentence are of two types, one you take the literal meaning and other is you a metaphor, or it is a mysterious figure of speech which can have a hundred meaning. And if you read the English translation of quran i say you are reading only the 20% of it. The rest 80% cannot be explained in English. So before you quote any verse and point it as wrong i say you study is thoroughly and understand, or you should learn Arabic properly.
    It was like you were saying if I can't see it, it doesn't exist at all.
    But coming to the homophobic part, i still have my doubts. I have a thing against homophobes too. Like, yes it is not their fault that they hold torches for the same sex. But now that doesn't mean i am saying the whole of islam is wrong just because they are homophobic. There are ups and downs to every thing. This is again just like saying Gandhi is a bad person because he smokes and yadda yadda.

  • @luciferr Soooooorry. It was a mental typo in some sortes. I meant that the satanic bible is 10 times more peaceful than the real bible. Got it?

  • If someone is insanely religious. Yes, it is more likely to turn him/her into sort of a terrorist as compared to other religion if it has to. A lot also depends on the surrounding and kind of community one lives in. When I say lot...really a lot, so don't try to make every muslim feel belittle because of this. Many are very humanistic also.
    But most of them hail their religion dearly.. because of that it becomes difficult to differentiate.

  • @jhonsnow ALL religions are force-fed to children. not just islam.

  • @alwaysstranger atheist bible. was confused, may still be. but if what you meant was science, then, yes, of course. You're right, I didn't read everything. I did now, though. I think most muslims, the educated, acknowledge the misogynistic, homophobic, and intolerant verses that the Koran has. If they don't, they're just being ignorant. I googled the survey you cited. and it is very disturbing. If I asserted that the muslim majority hold backward views it wouldn't be a generalization. that is if I trusted the survey. I don't though. it's not that I think it isn't factual or question the method used, but rather the answers provided by the people. It should be taken into account factors that influence answers. a country's official religion being muslim can have a lot of influence, a country where criticizing the religion is a crime, where the education system and media also influence a lot. wrong answers could get you in trouble. picking a safe and consistent answer is the best answer.

  • @oldisgold that's great. I wish all Muslims were like you but around one fifth are not

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  • all muslims are not terrorist those who do we also condem them

  • @ostora-ostora i speak french, arabic, Bulgarian and English fluently. But i don't want to talk to you, i can't handle reading your comments for a long time because if i did i would die from a heart attack

    if u hate us no poblem bcz we r always right n we r proud n we dont care about what u think wbout us bcz we know ourselves .

    I don't think there's a point in speaking with you, you seem to be 3× times more radical than isis. I'm tired of these conversation. And i don't think you really don't care what i think because if you didn't care then you wouldn't want to change my "opinion". Other people have told me that i taught them something new or whatever so it doesn't seem that everyone doesn't care about what i think. I will no longer be responding to your disgusting comments. Pick up a dictionary, you made 11 grammatical mistakes only in "if u hate us no poblem bcz we r always right n we r proud n we dont care about what u think wbout us bcz we know ourselves ." You have 11 words wrong and 16 right, wtf. Your comments are cancer and I'm not responding to you anymore.

  • @alwaysstranger sure
    i know that my english is bad but i tr to make it better . u can speak frensh or arabic ? thank u bcz u r cool . u r a good picture of your hatred us without reason . i know if i tlk with u in arabic or french u will never und me . if u hate us no poblem bcz we r always right n we r proud n we dont care about what u think wbout us bcz we know ourselves .

  • I just know they force their children to be a muslim instead of give them own chance to choose.

  • @ostora-ostora and i do not have the strength to talk to you for even 5 seconds because of how much your English sucks. So don't try to talk to me

  • @ostora-ostora your grammer sucks. And i am not patient enough to try and understand what you're writing. Your comments are disgustingly painful to read

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