Do you dream big?

  • Who here is addicted to success and conquering?

  • @davitchen no really, what do you do?

  • @how-to-make-a This post is a question, a question, in my contry requires answers ahahahah

  • @davitchen what are the IMPORTANT things you're working on?

  • I do, but it was a problem to me before. I had no abitilty to distinguish dreams of pleasure. I wanted everything at the same time and I was becoming an exhaust person and frustrated. Because most of the things I wanted to to, i couldn't achieve them. So I stopped trying so hard to everything and, as I grow up, i realised that the dreams are something that born with us and we have to work on it to grab some. I started to focus in important things and I feel I'm closer to them.
    Great postt :)

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