• Do you white lie? If yes why?

  • Gamers

    i'm not lieing unless i'm protecting someone from harm.

  • nope actually I'm living a lie

  • @zaesuu First things first, thruth is overpriced. A well placed lie may let you live without harm happy in unknowledge. Second, i dont usually lie, because i lack the empathy to lie. However, when i lie, i look pretty convincing.

  • I will be jailed if I didnt do a white lies D:

    Just kidding if those lies arent big issue and the truth is suck white lies are ok for me

  • That doesn't make any sense. When you lie to someone, even white lies, you're denying them the right to be who they are and process that information accordingly. The only reason we lie is to protect ourselves. Whether it's because we don't want to deal with the other person's response or we want to hide our own thoughts, behaviors, etc.

    If you lie, what are you? There is only one answer and it doesn't depend on the condition or reasoning of the lie.

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