What is Illuminati ? Is that real or just a theory?

  • I have seen crazy people talking about it. What do you think?

  • @ok4u why you so rude?

  • @alwaysstranger ok ardwark....u wanna go lingual on me i'll stick some semantics and pragmatics so far down ur throat u'll be throwing up antonomies and metonomies

  • @ok4u said in What is Illuminati ? Is that real or just a theory?:

    @alwaysstranger I think u just copy pasted all of this horse shit from wikipedia

    Think what you want my nigga. "I think" means "my opinion is" and the truth is not a matter of opinion. If the evidence supports the claim therefore it is true

  • @tina kala jora pa janey mand

  • @alwaysstranger I think u just copy pasted all of this horse shit from wikipedia

  • @brannuyu dude. "Satans kingdom on earth" and "INSERT BIBLE PASSAGE" please stop being retarded. God is dead. There is no god just like there is no flying spaghetti monster it's all made up

  • I think it's just one of many names used for Satan's kingdom on earth. There are many conspiracies, and a lot of fake stuff made up about it I think. But in the same regard, I do believe that the devil and his angels use/manipulate fallen human beings through pride/greed. You look at scripture and the devil tried to tempt Jesus to bow before him, offering him the world and it's kingdoms, if he were to just worship the devil. But Jesus resisted, saying no. Others sadly, take the bait, they gladly give up their soul for pleasure on earth, and become ensnared slaves. The devil uses these people and makes them gangsters/mafias. They build their numbers, take over places, and do number of other evil things, even using the guise of goodness and religion to cover up their evil deeds. Is Illuminati all these things we see the media and YouTubers say? Maybe, maybe not. A lot of things are being made up. People have accused a rapper named Lecrae of being Illuminati, just because he doesn't want to be labeled a Christian Rapper, even though he still claims to be a rapper that is a Christian. In his book Unashamed, he talks about the Red Carpet, and why he doesn't want his music limited to just the Gospel Rap genre. A lot of people slander him "exposing" him, saying that he has compromised his faith to become mainstream. In my opinion, they are wrong, and don't understand his mission. Anyways, that's just an example of how far people take Illuminati stuff, that people who have any sort of popularity get accused of being a sellout because they have become famous. It's possible that bad people gain a monopoly of power, wealth, and control, but that doesn't mean the devil owns the whole game and the whole board. Because the power of redemption through Jesus and what he did on the cross, and when he came out the grave, there is restoration and freedom going on in pockets of the world (as people believe the Gospel and are saved/justified, with added on healing and blessings of provision), and sometimes people mistake of thinking that the people who make any kind of breakthrough are guilty of selling out to the devil in order to obtain things in this world. That's where the heart check comes in. What does a person put first? God, or the blessings. Matthew 6:33. Blessings are not bad, but God should be first. And putting God first means accepting Jesus as savior, being made right with God, and purified.

  • @ricky15m you're being unnecessarily rude. What's not working well?

  • @alwaysstranger motherfucker.

  • @alwaysstranger hey ya jerkass... can't teach me Eng ya bitch.... it s this fucking shit not working well

  • @ricky15m said in What is Illuminati ? Is that real or just a theory?:

    word God won't exist


  • @ricky15m said in What is Illuminati ? Is that real or just a theory?:

    i have been part of Illuminati... but i quit

    SOMEHOW I'm not convinced

  • One day..... word God won't exist

  • @alwaysstranger hey idiot....don t tell me what s that dumbass..... i have been part of Illuminati... but i quit

  • @sologeek do you believe that the antichrist will come? Y/N

  • @alwaysstranger thats the funny point that u think i believe in anti christ. i dont believe in that its just a topic for me to do some research about. insulting and aggression, lack of understanding ability and getting points, u just need to grow up more. dont make urself lesser in that stage.

  • @sologeek by the way. SPELL CORRECTLY

  • @sologeek dude. You're a fucking idiot, why the fuck do you believe in the antichrist?

  • @alwaysstranger talk from ur side, got enough time to do a search on net and bring a brief after 15 mins. pointing to one resource as the best its just a kiddo action. anyways with this now it completely makes sense why ur trying to defend a debased idea.
    and anti christ is another whole story not related to Illuminati. so dont mix them in ur mind pls.


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