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  • I honestly don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. Don't even know where to start so ima just say... FUCK LIFE I never asked to be here, I know some will say be blessed and all that shit but fuckn ayy I'm 22 M Latin American living in Cali living with my parents (still yes idgaf) I can't maintain a good job because I'm FUCKN SUPERIOR AT BEING LAZY SLACKING NOT GIVING A FUCK ... I HATE FUCKN WORKING THE 9 TO 5 I always have and always will (I haven't had a steady job in 3 yrs I never graduated HS I have 2 Dui records (17 and 19 ) so uli can't drive for shit cuz I fucked that up I owe to the court at least 5k and another 5k in general. ..it feels like I can't , I feel like giving up and not doing shit feels like I can't. ...I know I still got time cuz im young but that's fucking 3to5 yrs I have to wait and by tht time ilk be 25 to 27 yrs old FUCK ...


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