14 M. Looking for an intellectual partner, preferably female.

  • Hello, my name is Denver. I'm fourteen and I'm looking for an intelligent relationship/friendship.

    A bit of history on myself. I live in Saint Louis, USA. I love science and math, and I'm interested in Japanese culture. I'm a sophomore in high school. My hobbies primarily involve computers/games, but I like talking and learning as well. I program sometimes, watch anime occasionally, and lots of other stuff.

    There are a few main qualities that I'm looking for specifically:

    • Female.
    • Intelligent.
    • Within two years of my age.
    • Willing to talk about science, math, etc.

    Feel free to DM me, and I'll evaluate the best match.


  • @denverbeek lol I told them there was a city whose name was Denver

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