Anyone heard about the acid attacks in London?

  • For those who did, you already know this is becoming more and more frequent
    Recently two cousins were attacked by acid at their own car, do you find this is some justification? That's just ridiculous, they were only muslims. Once more, the ignorance rules and there's nothing to make about it.

    It's a pity that school doesn't teach religion. Well, some do but others rather focus on the local religion and blind the students with the prophet's words', this is an example of some schools in Islam.
    Im sorry for bringing up this topic more than debated, but this attacks are becoming worrying.
    I posted this this with the hope that whoever is reading this gets the message and take benefit from it.

    Here's the video:

  • @davitchen what the FUCK are you trying to say. what the FUCK are you trying to say. Do you even english bruh?
    Rewrite your comment in a coherent way.

  • @how-to-make-a How do you attack the ideas of some religions that are neither supposed to converge nor to question the authority of its "creator"? With this I mean, people of some religion are not even able to argue of it's religion because it isn't meant to.

  • This is just bigotry against muslims(islamophobia) and there is no good justification to do such a thing other than hate. Im an ex-muslim and i support whole hardidly anything that can wipe islam and othet religions off the face of the earth. I do support trying to attack ideas but not people though. Attacking people like this is just pointless, evil and doesn't help anything out, it only makes everything worse

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