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    @abby-83 awww beautiful! 😭 its happy tears! You are frickin amazing! And you are the best ever! And nah you aren't weird you are perfect! I love you! And I wanna know what you were ginna say now.

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    Alright I don't have many friends on here but here we go
    @BOOTS22 you have been here with me on this website almost from the get go when I first started talking with you I knew you was gunna get me head over heals for you... well now that I've gotten to know you I am so thankful you have the same feelings for me(even tho Idek why Ima weirdo😂🤷🏻♀️) you are the most amazing and genuine guy I have ever met and honestly it kills me every second ik mmm talking to you that I can't hear your voice but it's okay because one day I will because you'll wait one me and I'll wait on you🙈👑 I just want to thank you my handsome king for being here for me and I'll be here for you I promise🤞🏻
    @Willoww we is new frannnsss but you are pretty cool I love how we met and how you act is fricken amazing tbh you seem to have that idgaf attitude and it's truly amazing and that goes for @RAGNAR too y'all are both pretty chill and y'all are also a cute couple together🙈 I hope y'all make it through any obstacles in life and make it to the end💯
    @Brooklyn_H HAII BEST FRANNNNNN you started off as just a frannn... and that's okay because then you was promoted to my best frannnnn .. and now guess what brook you are my best grandma frannn. Thank you for playing along with me with the frannn stuff you are pretty cool French fry...😂 Stay potatoy my friend
    @BOOTS22 hah you thought I was done... not you gotta read more lovey Dovey cute crap 😂 Nah Ima let it be I don't wan @Willoww to say get a room again😂😂
    @Anti-cute we don't know each other too well but thank you for kind of like defending me on the chat the other day I really respect that and you seem really cool we talked about skyrim a lot soo😂😂 you helped me be even more nerdy then I am so thanks ya😂😂
    Alright guys that's about it see ya on the flip side✌🏻

  • @jynextremist said in Let’s spread some love on TWS:

    I am in korea again you orangutan 😆😛 if we keep this frequency of chatting then i will complete my masters before we get to know each other 😒

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    @sammy said in Let’s spread some love on TWS:

    All i know about this human is that he's from Pakistan and study's in south korea and was,is and will be planning to leave for south korea soon. This human also notices other humans and ... Idk what for!

    I am in korea again you orangutan 😆😛 if we keep this frequency of chatting then i will complete my masters before we get to know each other 😒

  • Um.. hm..
    Forgot to mention another good human
    He's a sweet guy. Friendly and awesome.
    Indeed a good friend.
    Thanks buddy.
    P.S- May have forgot many awesome people. Sorry 😀✌♥

  • Alright!
    Tbh not so deep into this site, but i've met some really fucking awesome humans around the world.
    We don't talk much, we don't connect much. But ah-hh wait! this girl is fucking amazingly awesome and fantastic. Always cheerful and joyous. A badass too. Strong as a female should be. And the best part- she has a big heart. (Like i spoke to her for the 1st time and at the end she said me-"i'm here to help you with anything you want") Aww💚💚💚💚
    The only man i met online who is so awesome. Indeed a very very good friend. I remember telling him about my break up and there he was- trying to support me and help me get through!
    She's my lil' sis. She's witty and amazing. Caring and on point.! Always love to be around her.
    Mic is a really good friend. Never really spoke in pc's but he's an awesome human. I love the thing that he's so positive about life.
    All i know about this human is that he's from Pakistan and study's in south korea and was,is and will be planning to leave for south korea soon. This human also notices other humans and ... Idk what for!
    He's wise, witty and cool. I enjoy talks with him because they're more on discussions based not on people. And... He's awesome.
    The founder of 'The beetles'. She's funny, caring and a child by heart. She's friendly and amazing.
    Zoob is neutral. I wonder if he has any anger hormones or no! Never really saw him in a bad or angry mood or abusing some one!!
    Peace ✌😀
    Gauti is funny, but bro.. focus now!
    Over all...
    Thank you y'all for joining my life and being a part of it!

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    @laura-anderson said in Let’s spread some love on TWS:

    @jynextremist THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON IN THE GOD DAMNED WORLD! Ugh! Why the fuck do you annoy me so much? Anyways, i just love talking to you. You're one of the funniest people i know. Thank you for listening to my problems and being there whenever i was sad. P.S. Stop calling me that musical instrument...uhmm what was it?? Yes, tabla! Stop calling me that.

    alt text

    sighs kids these days :p

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    @ragnar hey, thanks man! And you have been just like a big brother to me! Thank you for that man!

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    Damn bruh! Thanks alot man appreciate you alot!!!
    @BOOTS22 thanks for being there too brother i appreciate it alot.
    @Willoww these words left me in tears, you arr thr one i ever wanted. Love you too mi amor
    @Laura-Anderson my sistaah you will always be appreciated! Tanx alot

    Now lemme start mentioning my fav list 🙂

    Well she is the first for a reason, she means alot to me
    She's a yellow pair of running shoes, A holey pair of jeans. She looks great in cheap sunglasses, She looks great in anything. She's: "I want a piece of chocolate." "Take me to a movie." She's: "I can't find a thing to wear." Now and then she's moody. She's a Saturn with a sunroof, With her black hair a-blowing. She's a soft place to land. And a good feeling knowing. She's a warm conversation. That I wouldn't miss for nothing
    She's a fighter when she's mad. And she's a lover when she's loving.
    She's a Saturday out on the town. And a church girl on Sunday. She's a bubble bath and candles. Baby, come and kiss me. She's a picture in my wallet, Of my unborn children's mother. She's the answer to my prayer
    And she's the song that I'm playing. She's the voice I love to hear, Someday when I'm ninety. She's that wooden rocking chair. I want rocking right beside me
    Every day that passes. I only love her more, Yeah, she's the one. That I'd lay down my own life for. And she's everything I ever wanted. And everything I need. She's everything to me. Yeah, she's everything to me
    She is my world, she is worth more than tons of diamonds and silvers, she got pure heart, heart of a queen, she is charming, adorable, sweet. Cant finish describing i swear cuz she is just an angel
    I love you most my love 🙂

    @football_m29 my brother feom another mother, we have been known each other for months now, since i started dating @Willoww its like God sent him to help us when any thing happens, he always solve our differences, he always there for us, when i need someone for advice he is always the one with the best advice, when i dont have anyone to chatwith he is always there for me, he always help me like my blood brother! Thanks man you mean alot in my life! Love you brother!!

    @Emilyyyyyy yesss my little sister! Im so proud of her, she always ask me for advice, always, she listens to me as her real life brother, i wish i could be her blood brother cuz i love her so much as my sibling. She always deserves the best cuz she is one of people who are real and got pure heart

    @Sammy what can i say? She is the best buddy i got, i have many buddies but damn this one is the craziest one, i mean in a good way, she is the best advice giver, and she is the woman who knows her self and who learned to put her self first before anything. Appreciate u sammy

    @BOOTS22 my lil brother! My fam! He always appreciate my advice and he always tell me everything, just like lil bro to his brother, i can tell he is a good man who once had tough time finding the special woman for her, and thats the reason why err body consider him as he dating err body. No he dont, he wanted for a true couple, life patner, not a catfish, and he got @Abby-83 she was willing to be honest to him and they are nice couples now. Congrants guys

    @Black_Beetle she is my buddy, my best friend, she is real and ber advices are awesome, she is the strong woman i knw, i mean she dont depend on a man, she struggles everyday working to survive, she is a keeper, she is the nicest and charming. You all need to knw her! I like having real friends who can help you no matter what situation is. I can tell she is the one, she is just a best friend! My another appreciated sister 🙂

    @Laura-Anderson my another sister! She was there for all my tws life, she is one of my oldest friends, she is charming, annoying sometimes lmao, well tbh i like annoying her and make fun of her cuz yeah i love her so much as my real life sister!! There is nothing sweet as brother making fun of her sister...annoying her and err thing, so she is just great and real and awesome.

    @Anti-cute this mofo changing names everyday, well his name is zoobie and i can tell he is like my real life twin. We go through up and downs as real life twins, we argue, we fight, we make fun of each other but at end of the day we love each other deeply. I mean when he find me in tough situation he always helps me and i do the same. He wont stand someone who roasting me or do anyshit to me! But yeah he always roast me lmao. Love you man no homo

    @miracle7 heehe what can i say?? She is just awesome! Yes she is kinda new user but damn she became one of my best friends in the site. People sayin you only have 1 best friend but i have many, she is awesome, mother of 2 angels, well tbh her kids are beautiful! She is strong single mother, she loves jer husband, she is just awesome ya knw!

    @Lucifer_ not sure if you will list your pepples here but man swear to God we are like twins too! You always help me when i get in trouble, you always make fun of me as i do the same! You are just one kf the awesomest dudes here, i feel proud to call you brother or more than that, you are one of the wise dudes here. Genius ones! You always look for the best cuz u are the best

    @sologeek not sure if you log in nowdays but man, you helped me alot, you are like my real life brother,i feel proud to call you my blood brother cuz you was there since day 1. You helped me at my first flag, we went and become buddies for life, you gave me best advice, you was ready to do anything for me, thanks man. It means alot brotther!

    @cutie-cat she is my first bff in this site, she was my rival, we went through up and downs but still she will always be my first bff, she is adorable, genius, she always pass on her exams, cuz she is smart, young and she knows what she wants and hoe to get it. She is charming and one of those true friends you wont regret bonding with.

    @ИОЯ he is my best friend too, he is always high af, he likes weed more than anything in life, tbh he is strong dude i knw, inspite of how funny he is, he goes through up and downs of life but still he survives, he is one hard worker i know, when it comes to a friend even if he will joke but at the end of the day he is the one helping you alot with nice advice.

    @PhObiAC she is my buddy, she is awesome and she is just real, one of my oldest buddies, inspite of being busy she always himme up and we always chat, have fun, make jokes together, she is charming tbh

    I still have a list of people but okay its enough for today
    Important note; we all unique just the way we are, ive received some complaints of users saying they deserve to die, no one loves them, they dont have a friends, etc. Sometimes they are down cuz kf someone who roasted them. Lemme tell you my dear sister/brother, you came on this world for a reason, dont just end your life cuz of someones complaints or how they roast you. Most of people who roast you or say smthn bad to you its bcoz they cant reach your level, they cant be like you, mybe you have smthn better than them and they cant get it. All they can do is roasting you makin you feel unworthy so that you will both loose. Be strong show some love. Everybody loves you @isabella everybody loves you @A-P everybody loves you! Join public chat without hestiating and have fun! Make some new friends and ignore trollers!

    Together we are one big family

    alt text

  • @willoww Thanks for calling me funny and writing so many cool things about me. It really feels special (Jk).
    But remember, I may have the best memes but you still are the caption goddess 😃 PS- You are awesomer 😉 (if thats a word)

  • @football_m29 there'll be no prologue shit this time, so let's get to the question already 😛
    @Lucifer_ BUBBA!!! 😂😂😂😂 I know you hate this name, but trust me, it's really very cute! (AND IT'S WAYYY BETTER THAN VICTOR FRANKESTEIN) You're the most awesome person everrrrr! I am proud to call you my best friend! Best person ever! I just love the way how you annoy me with your sarcasm, make me laugh when i am sad, and you help me insult other people i hate xD you're the person i go to whenever i have any problem, whether it's related to tws, or my real life. You give me awesome solutions! And i am thankful to you for that. Mere words are not enough to describe you, satan! You're the best bestie i ever had in my whole life. THANK YOU, BUBBA! XD
    @jynextremist THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON IN THE GOD DAMNED WORLD! Ugh! Why the fuck do you annoy me so much? Anyways, i just love talking to you. You're one of the funniest people i know. Thank you for listening to my problems and being there whenever i was sad. P.S. Stop calling me that musical instrument...uhmm what was it?? Yes, tabla! Stop calling me that.
    @Willoww YOU'RE THE BEST SISTER EVER! I am so lucky to get a such a beautiful , strong and cheerful sister like you. You know what, You are my inspiration. You seem happy even in the toughest situations and you handle them so efficiently. I am so happy to meet such a person in my life. You're one of the coolest persons i know! And your "bish" and "mofo" sounds so sweet xD
    @tehkotak You're sooooooo sweet mita! Teach me how to be so sweet, master! I have never seen you complain about anything. You never get offended even when someone insults you. I just love this thing about you. I am proud to call you as my sister. Love you!
    @cutie-cat bestieeeeeee!! One of the best people! You're my gossip mate, i can talk about absolutely anything with you. You listen to my problems, you help me, you give me advice, and i never felt that you're younger than me. Love you!
    @RAGNAR Best brother ever!!!! You've helped whenever i asked for your help. Thank you so much brother! You gave me awesome advices always. You've been with me always. I never felt alone.
    @Black_Beetle SWEETEST PERSON EVER! i may not have talked much to you, but you're so kind, so mature, and funny nunu! And I've heard you have a very sweet voice. Send me one of your songs please!
    For some people i haven't mentioned, thank you for entering my life. You've played an important role in making me what i am today. Love y'all!

  • @willoww ooh thankyouu thats a sweet of u 🙂

  • @lucifer_ calm down Mr. obvious lmao it’s just a gif don’t get your hellfire panties in a bunch

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    @football_m29 You guys don't even have that "Till death do us apart" thing!

  • @willoww besties 5 life

  • @willoww willow, this was sooooo beautiful!!! Fuck i am crying!😭😭😭😭😭 i love you my elder sister! You never made me feel that i don't have a sister irl. I love fighting with you tbh 😛 And shhhh, you're even more beautiful than me!! Prettiest girl here!

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    @jynextremist i told you... im f-f-fine

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    @willoww oh no nooooooo, you are pretty, veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pretty, plz dont cry :3
    alt text

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