What are your views on beauty?

  • What do you call beauty on the outside or the inside?

  • Ofcourse Inside
    Inside beauty is what really matters.
    But people these days... Sighs

  • I think beauty can be both inside and out. All depends on how u look at it.

  • Gamers

    if its for friends and people generally, then inner beauty matters, i dont care about the other, in case of my lover :D, both will matter a lot, i wont be attracted to someone in the first place unless she is beautiful on the outside, and i wont be sticking around for long if she is not beautiful on the inside :3

  • I think that both inner- and outer-beauty are important.

    Inner-beauty is what is within a person. And its what makes a person passionate, caring, or loving.
    Outer-beauty is also important, because it can be used as a gauge for how much people respect themselves and others. For instance, if you showed up on a date with your best clothes and tried to make an effort to look nice you would be pretty pissed to find your date in joggers and smelling like a gym.

  • Nice topic....
    Outside Beauty is to attract young people like meπŸ˜πŸ’–

    Inside beauty is to get satisfaction...πŸ’‹

  • Music Lovers

    both of them , mostly inside...


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