• RE: What is your biggest strength?

    @sarah my biggest strength is that i can never NOT be doing something. I always have something to do and "my weakness seems to be
    That I cannot stop breathing
    Death keeps cheating on my life
    But on my soul, it's feeding
    It goes on and on and on and on and on
    Leading to the fleeting of an endless dream
    Screaming and needing
    Yelling and pleading that things ain't as they seem"


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  • RE: Science and God


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  • RE: SURVEY TIME ; Does free will exist?

    I'll start

    My definition of free will

    "having the ability to choose from multiple choices"

    Why i think it doesn't exist:

    From a physics point of view there is cause and effect therefore the past determines the future and you only have 1 specific chronology of actions that you follow therefore you don't have the ability to choose from multiple choices

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  • RE: Science and God

    @allight said in Science and God:

    @thestrangest why are you so offended?

    Because you believe in evil harmful bullshit

    and what makes you say i use no evidence?

    Because there isn't

    You are just disregarding another's views based on

    Oh here we go. The bullshit begins

    a) generalizations about religion and it's adherents

    Bullshit. I know religion 10× better than you as an ex-muslim and a person who constantly debates religious ignoramuses for fun

    b) Personal opinions

    Duh. Of course it is a personal opinion but one which is backed up by logic, reason and science.

    c) misconceptions about what the scientific community actually says in contrast to what you have been taught or know.

    Bullshit. I am a philosophy geek and have read very well into this specific topic

    I'm guessing "bullshit" is your catch phrase

    It has been for like 2 days

    since you seem to write that quite alot



    Bullshit. A video? You are seriously so indifferent to not want to type what the video says? Fucking hell you want me to respond to a video? Bullshit that's a waste of my time just some up what the video says. You have to summarise or express naturally what's in the vid so i can respond to it. The reasons are that
    1st people can read what the person said and when i respond, understand what i am debunking and talking about
    2nd sometimes people send videos when they themselves don't understand what's in the video so it helps if they skip a step and just write their interpretation
    3rd I'll allow sending of videos if the person who is sending them is also summarising what's in the vids by text and rendering the videos optional 😊

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  • SURVEY TIME ; Does free will exist?

    How many of you think that free will exists?

    If you do start your reply with the number 1 and then explain how you would define it and why you think it exists.

    For those who don't believe that free will exists(are determinists) start your reply with the number 0 and then define free will and why you think that it doesn't exist.

    And we are all goings to debate for fun

    Update on the number of the determinists
    (disbelief in free will) :

    Update on the number of people who are nondeterminists (believe in free will) :

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  • RE: Science and God

    @allight said in Science and God:

    @lucky9 Belief in God IS scientific.

    Bullshit. How are you gonna justify this bullshit statement

    Everything in this world, the more we know, the more we feel we have yet to discover

    And then YOU the religious person start to make up shit because we don't know. If we don't know that doesn't give you the right to make shit up, it only means that noone knows until we discover the answer

    it all points to one designer who made it such.

    Bullshit. See you just used an argument from ignorance. "We don't know therefore god". No you religious ignoramus nothing points to an invisible man in the sky and your belief is unjustified since there is no evidence backing it up

    For there is a balance and a carefully crafted design in this universe.

    Bullshit. Global warming, supernovas, 99% of all species who ever lived being extinct, cancer, wisdom teeth, tail bones, genetic disorders... this is not good design nor design, noone created the world and earth, they came about by natural processes and we know what most those natural processes were and for the natural processes we don't know that doesn't mean that god created them, it means we don't know yet.

    It cannot be a product of mere chance as atheists say.

    It is dumbass. That's why 93% of astrophysicists and 80% of biologists are atheist. They're the ones that study this shit and they're the ones that say it's mere chance and have all the evidence backing up their claims. You don't study this shit and have no evidence backing up your claims so your opinion is worthless

    In fact atheism confuses a person more

    Bullshit. You're not an atheist so how would you know? Atheism is only the disbelief in god. Not an ideology for it to confuse someone. Religion has basically spread with the slogan "Too stupid to understand science, try religion" so if you are saying that being an atheist by following the facts and understanding the science is complicated therefore people chose religion then that makes sense

    for it cannot explain life and death

    Bullshit we know 100% that life came from evolution and we know 100% that the brain is MOST LIKELY just an assembly of neurons that will stop functioning after death resulting in the loss of consciousness and no afterlife.

    misfortunes that happen etc.


    "Misfortune happens, deal with it"

    Is basically the mindset of atheists and i do not see how it makes things more complicated. It's better than praying to an invisible man you can't prove and trying to block out from your mind, the fact that if an all knowing, all powerful being exists therefore when something horrible happens (like the annual gruesome deaths of 9 million kids under the age of 5) it is because god didn't want/feel like stopping it with his omnipotence

    Everything has a reason for it to happen,

    Bullshit. Everything happens for no reason. Purpose is arbitrary and only exists in the mind therefore stops existing after death. Nothing EXISTS for a purpose unless you give it one in your brain.

    if Christianity doesn't give the full picture doesn't mean all religions don't.

    All religions are cancer and are made up garbage

    Atheists basically paint everything the same colour and deliberately refuse to look into things

    Hahaha. Says the person who believes things without evidence and good reason(s) to the person who only believes things with evidence and good reason(s).

    cuz it conflicts with their own desires.

    Bullshit. A lot of atheists like the idea that there might be something after death and that there is an invisible sky daddy looking after you all the time(i personally don't) but don't believe it since there is no evidence or good reason to

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  • RE: Science and God

    @jimmy1708 said in Science and God:

    God created everything and forbid those behind science....

    BULLSHIT. There is no god and most scientists are atheist. 93% of astrophysicists, biologists and 60% of all scientists are atheist. There is NO GOOD REASON to believe any god exists. Until you provide a good reason you're just a delusional schizophrenic with an imaginary friend justifying your beliefs with the presence of other delusional schizophrenics around you

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    Happy Birthday Willow! We look forward to invite your best friends to your birthday party on tws :) do you have any best friends which are not yet on tws?

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  • RE: Ask me anything, i will answer.

    How can we generally improve talk with stranger and bring more users here.

    Please be detail and provide us multiple tips and suggestions

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  • RE: You might need this.

    @girlwhois16 The rules are simple.

    Step 1. The players describe their music tastes
    Step 2. They decide who starts
    Step 3. The person sends the other person a song
    Step 4. If he knows it he dooesn't listen to it but if you don't you listen to it
    Step 5. Rate it out of 10
    Step 6. Restart changing turns

    Goal:make the other person discover new music that he likes. There are no winners or loosers. The game can be played with more than 2 people

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